REVIEW: Cat street


Author / Artist: KAMIO Youko

Other works by mangaka: Hana Yori Dango, Matsuri Special, Sayonara o Arigatou

Status: Complete (8 volumes)

Genre/s: Drama, romance, school life, shoujo, slice of life


My opinion:

It’s basically about a girl (Keito Aoyama) that is a childhood actress, but due to her weakness she fails and becomes a shut-in. Then she eventually comes out to the real world and has to deal with life, while joining a special school and making cool friends and the like.

I thought it was a great manga, especially after a long time of not reading any proper shoujo. The story’s main focus isn’t the romance either, but more “finding oneself” and “getting ahead in life”. The main character wouldn’t be what you call stupid, but I think she still could do with some extra screws to get into my cool-female-character list. I was disappointed to hear that the same mangaka also did Hana Yori dango (which I didn’t like AT ALL), but the series have little in common, apart from the art.

All in all (I still love this city), it’s worth checking out if you don’t get too frustrated with manga sometimes. Oh, and Momiji wears some great dark lolita dresses that are interesting and give you ideas if you like to draw.


Average rating from Manga-updates: 8.9 / 10

My rating: 7 / 10

By the way, did anyone get the Kiki’s delivery service reference in here?

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