My opinion on the big three

After watching this video:

I decided to give my own opinion on the big three. I don’t have an equal knowledge of the three series, but I think I know enough to be able to comment them. I have read the whole Naruto manga series up to volume 63 (the last published in Spain) and have seen one or two episodes of the anime. I have read up to volume 45 of Bleach and have also seen a few episodes. I have read the first five volumes of One Piece and some others from the middle of the series, but I have watched many episodes of the anime.

First things first: the manga of both Bleach and Naruto are WAY better than their anime. I was nearly bored to death with the episodes I have watched of Naruto, because not only was there too much unnecessary filler, but the art wasn’t that good either. And don’t get me started on the Bleach anime.
Naruto was the second manga I ever read, and therefore has a homely feeling. I will never give up Naruto. It has taught me how to be strong (mentally) and I got through three years of bullying thanks to Masashi Kishimoto. Plus it has great quotes that you can use in philosophy classes… I love nearly all the characters, girls included (I don’t tend to like manga/anime girls) and I feel like whatever happens to them happens to me. Anyway, Naruto is a great manga that has marked my life a lot. Some say that it is getting boring, but they are usually the ones who read it on the internet, where the quality is inferior to the original.

Bleach was the third series I started collecting, and it also has a nice feeling to it. I can spend a very long time staring at one image because it’s beautifully drawn. The characters are nice and the plot is interesting, but then, they’ve been going on with the same thing for ages and I think it’s time to discover a new enemy (or finish). Regarding One Piece, I didn’t really ever get addicted to it and actually don’t even have a single manga at home of the series. Not that I find it to be bad or anything, but for some reason it just doesn’t give me the “I love reading manga” feeling. However, One Piece merchandising is great. Luffy figurines are much better than any Bleach ones I’ve ever found, and all my manga/anime T-shirts are either from Death Note or One Piece.

In all three cases I think the fan base ruins the manga. It’s not a good idea to turn to the internet when starting to read them, otherwise you will probably end up hating the series. Plus, people have already told me a great amount of spoilers that I would have preferred not to know.

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